Arbaro DAO Possibilities

Arbaro is meant to be fun. Learning should be fun. There are many many topics to learn about. Arbaro is at least a quasi decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and more. Arbaro DAO may eventually help individuals to have worthwhile employment, start business, and have a nice abode to live in.

Arbaro DAO is in a formulation phase still. Arbaro DAO may offer many worthwhile opportunities eventually. Arbaro may occupy many buildings eventually. Maybe there will be Arbaro high-rises eventually.

What do you want to learn? Can Arbaro DAO be a metaphorical permaculture manifestation?

Arbaro DAO can help to establish more sustainable peace on Earth, perhaps. What do you want Arbaro to be? What do you think Arbaro DAO will become?

If you want to contribute to Arbaro DAO and collaborate with Arbaro DAO, the Arbaro sub Reddit might be a good place to do that right now.

Arbaro may eventually have music studios, qigong dojos, condominium buildings, and more.

Arbaro might eventually broker/sell vast swaths of land. Arbaro DAO may be an international organization, if it is not already.

Arbaro may offer online teaching and learning opportunities. Arbaro DAO has limitless possibilities. Arbaro may increase abundance and prosperity on Earth significantly.

Patience can be useful when approaching decentralized autonomous organizations. Have patience with Arbaro perhaps. Permaculture principles can be applied in many ways. Learn about permaculture. Learn about decentralized autonomous organizations. Arbaro may sometimes move forward quickly, and sometimes slowly.